Tuesday, May 06, 2008


My handphone rang at about 4.30pm today and when I picked up the phone I looked at the screen... its a call from the house. I have a feeling that it must be some bad news or matters related to Sharlene and true enough! Sharlene's nanny called to say that Sharlene has developed fever of 39 degrees C. According to her, Sharlene was fine in the morning. She went to school as usual and after came back from school in the afternoon she took her lunch and had her shower. When she was half way doing her maths exercise she complained that she was tired and wanted to sleep. After she took her milk she went to sleep and woke up an hour later. That was when her nanny felt that her body was very hot. She proceeded to take her temperature and found that she had a fever.

I rushed home after work and while on the way i called hubby to inform him of Sharlene's condition. He said he will be home early as well. I can sensed that hubby was very worried and 'kan-cheong' (anxious) about her darling gal. When I reached home I saw my poor girl lying motionless on the sofa and she looked so sick and listless. She was so so different from her usual self - refused to talk, inactive and no appetite to eat anything at all. By right I should take her to the paed immediately but I hesitated coz' this girl will refuse to take her medicine no matter how we sweet-talk her or reward her with the food she likes.

She cried miserably when she saw me and obviously she was feeling really unwell. I put a KoolFever strap across her forehead but after a while, she took it out and refused to put it on again. I don't understand why she dislikes the KoolFever?? The cooling effect of the KoolFever should make her more comfortable. But she hates it. And hubby just bought back 1 big pack of KoolFever - luckily, the expiry date is July 2010. Her body, forehead, neck were all so hot and her face went red due to the rising temperature. My heart hurts to see her going through all these. At about 8.30pm, she said she wants to brush her teeth and go to bed. So, I brought her upstairs to her room, brushed her teeth, gave her a light sponge and changed her pyjamas. I made her a bottle of milk but my poor girl has no appetite to drink at all and the bottle of milk was left there untouched. She dozed off very fast. I was waiting for her to sleep so that I can insert a suppository into her rectum. When I check her temperature half an hour later, the temperature went down to 37.5 degrees C. Hubby and I will continue to monitor her temperature closely throughout the night and hopefully her fever will subside by tomorrow morning. Otherwise, hubby has to bring her to the paed and she has to skip school tomorrow.

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