Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sharlene Is Going To Kindy Today

Finally, Sharlene has no sign of fever and the tiny red spots on her face and body have also subsided and she's off to kindy this morning. She has been sick too frequently nowadays since she started schooling early this year. This time her condition was the worse with high fever and rashes that lasted for 7 days. Hopefully, her immunity will be stronger after all this infection. I hope that she will get use to school life again after being absent for 3 consecutive days. My girl doesn't quite like to go to school and its really difficult to wake her up every morning despite putting her to bed as early as 9pm every night. I called Hubby just now to find out how she's doing this morning. He gave me the same answer again - she was so lazy to wake up and don't want to go to school. She has been attending kindy for more than 5 months now but sad to say that she still couldn't get used to the routine of waking up early and getting ready to go to school. I have been telling her and really don't know for how long more I need to tell her that everyone needs to go to school to learn and mingle with friends. I wonder if other parents are facing this problem of getting their kids to school??

Due to lack of sleep for the past few nights busy taking care and checking Sharlene's body temperature every few hours in the night, today I'm feeling under the weather, having mild headache, body ache and fever. After taking breakfast this morning, I took 2 panadols and hope it won't be my turn now to fall sick. I should really sleep early tonight and let Hubby handles Sharlene.

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