Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Fell From My Bed

...and hurt my left leg a few nights ago. Thank god, it wasn’t serious, just had minor cut and bruises on my foot. I have no difficulty in walking, wearing shoes and driving. But the wound was so sore and painful especially when it is drying up now. It’s worse during bath time when water gets into the wound…. ouch! I just hate that throbbing feeling.

This was what happened that night:

I was woken up by Sharlene’s cry in the middle of the night. I didn’t look at the clock, so I don’t know what time was that. I got up (but still on my bed), looked at her and asked her what she wants. She told me she wants to wee-wee. As I was too lazy and could hardly open my sleepy eyes, I told her to go to the potty herself. She was still crying and wants me to come down and bring her to the potty. Without hesitation I quickly got down from my bed to help her before she wets her pants. But instead of standing on my feet, I fell abruptly and sat on my left foot. I screamed in pain. That was when I realized that my leg was numb (without sensation) and thus, caused me to collapse. Hubby heard my scream and got up quickly to see what happen. Sharlene was also shock to see me on the floor and asked me a few times, mummy, what happened to you? Hubby slowly lifted me up from the ground. He also helped to put Sharlene on the potty. After wee-wee, she went back to her bed and dozed off again. I applied some medication on the wound and shortly after that we also went back to sleep.

Sometimes, while sleeping I am awakened by my arms feeling like pins and needles that progresses to complete numbness. They return to normal after rubbing and moving them. And this time it was my legs. Really do not know the reasons to all these. Hubby said it could be my sleeping positions and blood circulation problem. I really hope this numbness thing won't cause any serious problem for me.

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happyhomemaker88 said...

Hi there. :D

I am sorry to hear about your fall from your bed. It may be good to see a Chinese physician for some kind of massages and some Chinese herbs to improve your blood circulation and nervous system.

Take care and get well soon.

With best wishes,

choesf :D

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