Friday, July 18, 2008

Sharlene's Homework

Sharlene has no homework for the 1st half of this year (1st School Term). However, when the 2nd school term started in June this year, she has been bringing back homework almost every other day. Here’s how her completed homework looks like. She coloured the picture and did the letter tracing at the foot of the page.

Aunty YK (Sharlene’s nanny) will check her school bag everyday and look for books with ‘Homework’ chop stamped on top of the page. If she has homework on that day, Aunty YK will get her to do it after her lunch and shower. So far, she completes her homework (mostly colouring) before I reach home in the evening. According to Aunty YK, Sharlene does her homework depending on her mood on that day. If she is happy and not lazy she will colour the picture neatly and beautifully. Otherwise, she will simply scribble and use only 1 type of colour to colour the entire picture.:( Or she will procrastinate by giving all sorts of excuses to her nanny. Anyway, I’m glad that she completes her homework and so far, she hasn’t left any work undone. “Good Job Sharlene!”
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