Friday, July 25, 2008


Sharlene and her cousin sister are always together. Sharlene likes to follow her piao cheh everywhere in the house, play with her, kiss, hug and disturb her. My house is always very noisy when these 2 girls are together. Here you see them talking and playing with each other, the next minute you will see them fighting and scolding each other, and one of them will sure end up crying. Then, I will have to intercept and comfort the one who is howling. This happens almost everyday. How I wish they could play peacefully with each other. At least, I can have some quiet moments at home. Nowadays, Sharlene doesn’t quite like to part with her belongings such as her toys and books and sometimes refuse to share these things with her piao cheh.

Last Saturday, we went to IUtama for shopping. Before leaving the complex, we went to Canton-i Restaurant for dinner. Sharlene insisted on sitting next to her piao cheh again. So, while waiting for our food to arrive, we were being entertained by these 2 gals with their mischievous antics....

the boring look....she's so naughty and playful here and poor piao cheh kena cekik by her.

and the next moment, they were pretending to sleep.


JO-N said...

Nice to have a cousin sister to play with. One day when they are out and not around the house, you will miss their "noise".

Oliveoylz said...

It never ceases to amuse me that when kids get together, they can laugh, cry and fight all in a short span of time...ha ha ha!

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