Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yummy Yam Cake

This tray of mouth-watering savoury yam cake (“Wu Tow Ko”) was taken out from the wok at around 11.45pm, Saturday night. While the yam cake is still hot, I sprinkled lots of dried prawns, fried shallots, spring onions and red chillies on top of the cake. Although it was my first attempt in making this snack, I was delighted it turned out so well and presentable! At least, my effort is not wasted.

Last Sunday, we had yam cake for breakfast together with homemade soya bean. Oh my, look at those big chunks of yam and I could taste it almost on every bite. But I wonder, why my yam cake doesn’t look as purple as the one in the recipe? Maybe, it wasn’t a purple yam. Anyway, it’s always better to have homemade food…definitely more nutritious, natural and economical. And for those of you who wish to try out this snack, you can get the recipe from Amy Beh Book 2. It’s really very easy to do. The next time, I will add in some five-spiced powder and increase a bit more water, as I prefer a softer texture.

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This looks really good indeed!

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