Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking On The Foot Reflexology Path

There is a foot reflexology path situated in the playground nearby my house. Besides this facility, there is also a jogging track that hubby and I go for our morning jog every weekend. One fine evening, we brought Sharlene and her cousin sister to this playground. As usual they enjoyed so much of running around, chasing after each other and playing with the facilities in the park while hubby and I watched over them. Occasionally, I play along with them too. Hubby will usually be the photographer.

Before we left the playground, I took off my sandals and went on the foot reflexology path. This path consists of stones of varying shapes and sizes. Some of them are rather thick, flat and rounded and others are thin and sharp to give a stronger stimulation to the feet. I quite like the massaging sensation on the sole of my feet but at times it can be painful as well.

After seeing me walking on the path and out of curiosity, the 2 girls also tried to step their feet on the stones. They walked so slowly and carefully with their eyes fixated on the stones to avoid those sharp-edged pebbles. They whined, laughed and giggled along the way. I just can’t help but laughed at their funny expression and the way Sharlene said, Ouch, ouch, my leg...ouch, so pain! Despite the pain she still continues walking with her cousin sister.

Kids being kids, they just love to have fun and follow what the adults do. :D


Kristie said...

yup kids love to imitate what adults do :)

cool park :)

Mummy Moon said...

I like to walk on foot reflexology path too... But so far Yan YAn never try on that, don't know how will she react..

Leona said...

I always cannot tahan the pain from those stones...
Good Sharlene... she has perseverance!

slavemom said...

This playgrd is vy nice... got a lot of facilities for the residents ard the area.

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