Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winnie The Pooh Coin Box

Sharlene received her first coin box during a barbecue party held at our friend’s house last year. She loves to receive presents and as usual she can’t wait to unwrap her little pressie given by our friend. Once the wrapper was removed, she quickly pulled out the contents and was fascinated with the cute Winnie The Pooh coin box (a.k.a. piggy bank). She didn’t want to part with her new piggy bank for the whole night. Whilst she was holding her piggy bank, one uncle was so kind to bring out some coins from his pocket and drop it into her piggy bank. Her face lighted up immediately! Guess what she did next? She then went around the house asking for coins to be put into her piggy bank. *pengsan* Some guests even obliged her request. Later I managed to stop her from doing it.

Being very persistent in collecting coins to fill up her piggy bank, she took out my wallet from my handbag and started to search for coins.

She poured out all the coins in my wallet and needless to say, the whole load of it ended up in her box. Hopefully when she’s older she can be a thrifty spender and learn to save up her money like the way she’s doing now. :)

She started to feel bored and gloomy after she had finished putting all the coins in. Look at her pitiful expression here.

Haizz, no more coins already.


Kristie said...

it's a good habit for her to inculcate!

slavemom said...

Hahaha... so smart of her to go ard asking for coins. Who'd not oblige a cute lil girl's request? ;) The piggy bank's not vy big. Sure can fill up vy fast.

Irene said...

hehehehe, she look so cute & really sien ah at the last pic :) so funny!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It is a good habit though if Sharlene loves saving money.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, I like your daughter's name, beautiful name.
Looks like you might be having a future Accountant in your family, ha ha.
Best regards, Lee.

Leona said...

May need to get a bigger Pooh Piggy bank for Sharlene soon...! :)

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