Tuesday, December 23, 2008

She Is Eating Chicken Again

Sharlene started to eat chicken meat when she was 1 yr plus and she could really polished off a whole chicken drumstick, leaving only the bone. Further, she will not get down from her highchair unless she had finished sucking the bones. Everyone at home truly enjoyed looking at how she savors the chicken drumstick. So from that day onwards, whenever we have a chicken dish at home, we will definitely reserve a drumstick for her. I could still remember the way she pleaded my late mil to let her eat the chicken that was placed on top of the praying altar. She really looked like a ‘wai shek mau’ (glutton) at that time. Lol!

However, her passion for chicken has somehow declined sometime early this year and she has stopped eating it since then. Every time we offer her drumsticks or other parts of the poultry, she will either reject or spit out the meat after chewing it. Luckily, she's still eating fish. Perhaps, nowadays she’s lazy to chew her meat, as said by her nanny.

Last Saturday we attended a barbecue party at a friend’s house and that was when Sharlene surprised me by eating chicken again. The barbecued chicken wings prepared by the host were well marinated and very tasty. Sharlene took some ‘chu cheong fan’ (flat rice noodles), garlic bread and 2 chicken wings. After about 1 hour later, she asked for another chicken wing. So altogether she had 3 of them. Hopefully she is back to eating meat again after this occasion.

While she was busy eating, hubby snapped the following pix:

Look at how she relished the barbecued chicken wings with her hands. This was the 3rd piece of chicken wing she had on that night. She wanted more but I stopped her lah....so oily and fattening, plus the chicken wing was quite big you know.

omg, look at how she sits with one of her legs up like this.

I didn't even know that hubby had taken this pix until the next day. She looked really comfortable in this position.


Jaanvi said...

She is so busy having chicken, not aware of what's happening around.. I have also started giving chicken to my son, lets see when he starts to be a chicken freak cause I am a one just like ur girl :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha..she is super cute lah. The chicken wings must be mighty tasty huh. See how she enjoys the chicken wing..hehe..really "sek tan". :D

Kristie said...

aiyoh so cute!!!! i love to see kids who can eat one... no need to force food down their throat!

Fussy mum said...

Jaanvi: Hope your son likes to eat chicken :)

Mummy Gwen: yeah, the chicken wings were delicious, even I liked it so much...haha

Kristie: hahah...sometimes depends on her mood one.

slavemom said...

That's wat we call finger lickin' good! hahaha

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Looking at how Sharlene enjoyed the chicken, it makes me drooling.

mc said...

great photos! very natural and can really see her enjoying her chicken! young kids don;t have to worry about fatty food yet la:)

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