Thursday, December 04, 2008

Home Remedies For Sore Throat

I have not been feeling too good since the beginning of this week :( At first it was headache then yesterday after lunch I felt my throat was dry and painful. Knowing that the pain could get worse, I drank many cups of water to moisten my throat but the annoying pain still wouldn’t go away. And subsequent to that I'd made so many trips to the washroom. I know the sore won’t just heal so easily. But I really need to do something before it gets worse.

So once I got home, I browsed through the web and searched for some home remedies for sore throat. In fact, there is quite a long list of home remedies available but I only took a quick glance and found one that uses honey (any kind) and apple-cider vinegar. Since I have both honey and apple-cider vinegar in my kitchen, I followed the instructions by mixing 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar and 8 ounces of hot water in a mug. Stir it well and sip slowly while it is still hot. I liked the drink and it soothed my throat after consuming it.

In addition to this method, I’d tried another easy one but I tell you not everyone likes to do this. For sure I won’t want to do it again the next time. Ok, let me tell you...this remedy is called ‘suck on garlic’. After I’d put Sharlene to sleep last night I went down to the kitchen, peeled a fresh clove of garlic, sliced it in half and placed 1 piece in each cheek. Based on the instruction I’m supposed to suck on the garlic like a cough drop. Occasionally, crush my teeth against the garlic, not to bite it in half, but to release its allicin, a chemical that can kill a certain bacteria. I did just that but after less than 10 minutes I had to spit out the crushed garlic from my mouth. Hubby can even smell the horrible garlic stink from far, even without me opening my mouth…haha. The strong odor still lingers in my mouth this morning.

I’m not certain of the effectiveness of these 2 methods but after trying it myself yesterday, I have no more sore throat today. Yay!!! Moreover, drinking as much water as possible also help to keep the throat from becoming dry and irritated. I have been drinking lots of it since morning and hence, endless trips to the washroom today!


Leona said...

Hey...not bad! Those 2 remedies seem to have worked then! The torture of the garlicky breath has paid off! :)
Since u are into natural remedies, you could keep some echinacea tablets in your cupboard. they do taste better than garlic!

Something About Us said...

err...I hate garlic smell, how ah? can save money yet dare not suck it!

- Ling

Mummy Gwen said...

That's worked. I hate having sore throats. Wah..suck on garlic. I might try it one day if all else failed..hehe. Hope you are feeling better now. :)

mc said...

drinking lots of water is my remedy to cure everything :)

Fussy mum said...

Leona, thanks for the suggestion..should really keep some echinacea tablets for future use :)

Ling: i don't quite like the smell too but I am glad this method works on me.

Mummy Gwen: I am alright now..thanks

mc: ya, must drink more water...sometimes I tend to drink lesser in the office.

Adrine said...

I find gargling with salt water helps.

I don't think I can stand having fresh garlic in my mouth!

Kristie said...

wow it really works huh!

i know warm tea with honey works well to soothe a sore throat :)

glad to know u are better!

Leeyen said...

yuk yuk yuk! i can smell it too! :)hope u r better now!

Oliveoylz said...

Not only did u get rid of your sore throat...I think the vampire also lari after smelling the garlic...he he he...(u know how they say vampire hates garlic!)Great to hear your home remedy worked so well...Take care :)

slavemom said...

Glad that it worked for u! Will keep this in mind for future ref. ;)

LittleLamb said...

By now...sorry late comment..
hope u hv fully recovered :)

Jaanvi said...

This is my first time on your blog... These remedies are really helpful... i have a very delicate throat which gets soar very easily,so these are real handy..

lifecell anti wrinkle cream said...

I was suffering from last 6 months from same problem. I have taken lots of medicine for it but still it comes back.

Thanks for sharing the article. I will try what you have written in the post and hope that it will helpful for me.


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