Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pee Accident

Ever since Sharlene is off diaper during the night, she hardly give us any pee accident and she normally wakes up on her own to pee. However, last night she accidentally peed on my bed again. The same thing just happened last week and she did it again last night. Arghhhh...I was frustrated and mad with her for wetting the bed once again. I reprimanded her for doing it and after I had changed her pajamas I told her to sleep on her own bed instead and not to come up to my bed again! Upon hearing this she went down to her own bed reluctantly and started crying. Seeing how pitiful she was daddy went over to console her, gave her some words of encouragement and wiped her teary eyes. But all these didn’t stop her from crying. I know all she wants is to sleep on our bed. Nowadays she is getting too comfortable sleeping on our bed and refused to sleep on her own bed every night. True enough her crying stopped soon after I carried her to our bed. As part of the mattress that she peed on was still wet and smelly and I was too lazy to change the bed sheet in the middle of the night, I just sprayed it with Febreze and hubby then used a hairdryer to blow-dry the damp part.

I feel terribly bad and guilty for scolding her and making her weep in the middle of last night :( She didn’t wet the bed on purpose and yet I scolded her. So silly of me.

Before she went to sleep again, I gave her a big warm hug. I know it was too late to do all this but at least it made both of us feel better.


Kristie said...

i'm sure sharlene feels much better after that warm bear hug from mummy!

Irene said...

aisey, i wud do the same like you too. if lil missy peed on my bed, or wet it somehow, i go nuts. cus we are in sleepy mode mah. then after i go mad rite, i feel bad. sigh. sot sot dei.

hug hug sharlene :)

slavemom said...

I guess it's normal to be mad. I'm sure she's ok after u sayang her. My girl, even at 5+, oso has this kind of accident. Coz sometimes when they're too tired, they won't be able to get up to pee.

Mummy Gwen said...

Maybe you should put a plastic sheet under the bedsheet? When I'm in lalaland and when my girl give me trouble, I would marah her too. :P I also will feel bad later.

After the warm hug and sleeping on mummy's bed again, Sharlene won't remember about the incident anymore. :)

Sue Sue said...

Take it easy. My kids are also diaperless but at times they also will pee on the bed. hehe

Bonnie said...

I guess I will have the same reaction like you on this situation. And each time after scold my boy I also feel bad and it human nature? Or just my bad temper?

Contentedmom said...

it happens some it is ok ...i guess :) time to change your mattress perhaps :) :)

Oliveoylz said...

Don't worry, kids have "accidents" when they r too exhausted or too deep in sure she felt better after the hugs! Cheer up mom!

Fussy mum said...

Kristie: yes, she felt good and stopped crying after that.

Irene: haizz, last night I went sot sot dei also..hehe

slavemom: She's in deep sleep, that's why cannot wake up to pee. Since the school holidays started, she has been sleeping late every nite.

Mummy Gwen: ya, hopefully she won't remember about the incident. Thanks for your suggestion.

SueSue: thanks for your advice.

Bonnie: it is always like this....want to scold but later very guilty about it.

Contentedmom: hopefully I don't need to change my mattress...heheh

Olive: thanks for your kind words :)

Jaanvi said...

I think even I would have done the same.. its natural... its good that you went up and hugged her....
How old is sharlene?

Fussy mum said...

Hi Jaanvi,
I don't think I can sleep without hugging her...just want to assure her that I still love her. Btw, Sharlene is 4 yrs old.

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