Friday, December 19, 2008

A Fun Day At FRIM

We decided to join my sil and friends for jungle trekking at FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) last Saturday (13/12). Woke up early on that day and got all the necessary stuff ready i.e. insects repellent (*very important*), a change of new clothes for all of us, face towels, camera, bottles of drinking water and foodstuff as we intend to have our breakfast there before we start our walk in the tropical forest.

We reached FRIM around 8am, searched a while for carpark and finally found a place to park our car at Zone B. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people at FRIM on that morning and most of them are joggers. There are a few sitting areas with tables and benches around this spot and this was the place we had our breakfast together with my sil’s friends.

The weather was extremely fine on that morning. Sharlene and her piao cheh had so much fun running around the place, posed for the camera and I love this picture of them hugging each other. So sweet and loving!

After stuffing ourselves with food, we went to purchase our tickets to the canopy walk (you must not miss this activity if you are going to FRIM) from the souvenir counter (located in the same building as the information counter). The fee is RM5 per adult and RM1 per child. A guide can be requested for a fee however we did not request for one. After all it was easy to follow the trail and we took about 1 hour from the information counter to reach the canopy walkway. If you are fit, you will probably reach there in 30 minutes time.

At first, Sharlene fussed big time about the surrounding and then she refused to walk on her own. Look at her pitiful face. :( No choice daddy got to give her piggyback ride almost half the way up. It was only at one point that she started to come down and walked on her own. *Phew* what a relief for daddy!

After a long walk we finally reached the entrance of the canopy walkway. We were amongst the few who reached there first, waited some time for the rest of them to arrive. And here’s the entrance to the canopy walkway...

The hanging canopy is suspended 30m from the ground and spans over 200m. We went on the walkway one by one. I was a bit worried when it was my turn to step on the walkway as you can see from the pix here, Sharlene was following right behind of me and the walkway is 'moving'! She held my right hand whilst I balanced myself by holding the rope with my left hand.

My niece was so brave to walk on her own, albeit a little panic at the start. For your info, we have to maintain this distance when we are on the walkway.

The 2 kids were standing on the platform (on top of big trees) after completing the first walkway. They were calmer when they went on the 2nd walkway. :)

The photo below shows a view of the platform (it is if you are afraid of height, don’t ever look down otherwise you might not be able to move on...haha.

We had another round of fun at the waterfall before we left the place about 1pm. It was really nice to see the children enjoy themselves, especially Sharlene for I didn’t expect her to like this outing and have the courage to go on the canopy.

Sharlene, you did very well and mummy is so proud of you!


little prince's mummy said...

Sharlene is so close with her cousin~~~

Something About Us said...

the walkway looks scary to me. I think I will be afraid to walk ! :D

- Ling

HN said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice event here! It's always nice to have family outings like this ... Glad that Sharlene enjoyed herself as well!

Btw, Merry X'mas :)

Kristie said...

omg!!! i will definitely look down... and then start panicking! ha!

Oliveoylz said...

What an early bird! Reaching there at 8am wor...Sharlene was very brave on the canopy walk...I wonder SP would be clinging on to me or rather I be clinging on to him with my eyes tightly shut. he he. I agree the pic of Sharlene & her piao cheh hugging speaks volumes! Nice :) You have a great weekend too!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...your whole family is so brave to walk on the hanging canopy. I went to Bukit Bendera once in Penang and that was my first time on the canopy god me and my friend were screaming and shivering there..haha. I'm so worried that the canopy would collapse..silly me. :P

I finally can see you although it's your back haha..

Irene said...

a breath of fresh air! nice!

Adrine said...

aaah.... I just love FRIM. Love the greenery and fresh air. Had my wedding photos taken there too :)

The canopy walk is pretty scary for beginners. Well done Sharlene!

slavemom said...

It's great to hv such nature outings ya. Sharlene's so brave to go thru the canopy walk.

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