Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eat, Play And Learn

That's what Sharlene did over the weekend and she enjoyed every bit of it. At times we are just too lazy to go out be it shopping or visiting and prefer to laze around at home.

Nevertheless, last Saturday my sil and I went to Tesco for our groceries shopping. The 2 girls tagged along with us. At first when I asked Sharlene whether she wants to go with me, she said no. But upon knowing that her Jasmine piao cheh is going, she immediately changed her mind and said yes. That’s my girl, always wants to follow her piao cheh wherever she goes and whatever she does. Lately both of them even want to bathe together. Ok, back to our shopping...We bought quite a lot of stuff at Tesco – 2 big and 2 small trolleys full of foodstuff, household items, etc. Hopefully those items could last us for 2 months. The 2 mini trolleys were actually for the girls to keep them occupied while we were shopping. Sharlene wanted her items to be put into her mini trolley. So I transferred her things, which were mainly her snacks (biscuits, honey stars, cheese, etc) from my trolley into her mini trolley. She was happy to see her favorite snacks and dutifully pushed it until the time we decided to go. It was time for lunch when we left Tesco. Had no idea of what to eat, so we just went home with 2 large pizzas for lunch. Buy 1 free 1 from Pizza Hut...haha.

As for last Sunday, we didn’t go anywhere. Just stayed at home and rest and also to keep my girl occupied. I love to spend as much time as I can with Sharlene during the weekends as I can hardly spend a good 3 hours with her during weekdays.

Here are some of the activities she did on that day...

Playing with her toys. Suddenly she decided to play with the box of toys that was put away in the storeroom. I guess she got bored with her usual toys and wanted to play with her old toys instead.

Enjoying her favorite beverage - Milo. She wanted some oats to be added in her milo for the first time. She liked it and gulped down the whole cup of Milo. Her piao cheh was having the same drink but without the oats.

Looking at her school books. I took the opportunity to teach her to spell the words ‘Jelly’ and ‘Knife’ which are scheduled for spelling this Friday.


Kristie said...

an eventful and fruitful weekend! :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Sharlene is very "guai" lah. She needs a baby brother or sister to play with..hehe

slavemom said...

I still haven't gotten the chance to get the buy-1-free-1 pizza from PH. :)
I'm sure it was vy fun to push her own trolley full of snacks, jes like an adult.

Mummy Moon said...

Oh, she likes Milo, Yan Yan likes Milo too.

Leona said...

Sharlene so young already knows the health benefits of oats!
It is nice that she has an older role model that is around her age ie. her piao cheh to look up to.

Adrine said...

Sharlene is really lucky to have a piao cheh that can often be together with her :)

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