Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Story Books

The other day I went to the bookstore nearby my house to get a roll of plastic wrapper. As I was searching for the wrapper, I saw a few racks of books on sale. So I went over to check out those books. It’s Ladybird range of story books going for RM5.90 each. The usual price is RM9.90 per book.

I can’t resist the markdown and grabbed 6 of Ladybird fairytales books for Sharlene.

~ Classic fairytales books ~

She’s attracted to her new books as soon as I shown it to her. I guess it’s the illustrations that captivate her. After reading to her a few times, she began to show interest in the stories as well. At the moment, her favorites are Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood :D She always requests these 2 books to be read first, and then follow by the rest.

She’s very into pretend play (or role-playing) these days. Sometimes during the reading session, she acts as Sleeping Beauty, pretending to fall into a deep slumber and waiting for the prince to give her a kiss :D Then she said mummy will pretend to be the prince and give her a muakss on the cheeks. That makes her giggles and opens her eyes. At one time, she wore her red jacket with a hood and pretends to be Little Red Riding Hood and haih…she asked me to be the crafty wolf! ! But she got scared when I act like a wicked wolf wor....hehe. So, we didn’t proceed further after that. Really not easy huh, have to read and act some more.

It’s the weekend again. I wonder which character she wants me to act when I read to her tomorrow? :)


MeRy said...

So cute

Irene said...

mummy kena pan leng leng & act out a bit lor... wakakakkaka :)

JO-N said...

Not easy to read and act but it was fun, wasn't it?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...mommy has to pretend to be the prince and kiss Sharlene. So cute!

Wonderful Life said...

haha... she's cute!

well, role play makes the story more interesting. :)

Merryn said...

Hehe hahaha.. role play! hehehahaha!

slavemom said...

Little Red Riding Hood used to be XY's fav story too. And she oso likes to role-play. She even asked didi to be the wolf. But of coz that lil guy dunno wat to do. He blur blur one. hahaha

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