Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Day Of School

In a blink of an eye, Sharlene has completed her first year of pre-school. Today is the last day of school before the school closes for 7 long weeks. No lessons for today as they are having class party and parents are allowed to bring their kids home an hour earlier. Last night, I took out a dress for her to wear this morning and also prepared a small bag for her to bring to school. I put in her usual cutlery set and told her nanny to fill up a bottle of water for her before I left for office this morning.

It is a norm for every kid in the class to bring along an item, such as food, drinks or snacks for the class party. For this, parents have to crack their brains and think of something to buy for their little ones. Although this can be a simple task for some parents, I still have to ponder for days before I could decide. I'm quite bad in this. After thinking for a few days, I’ve finally decided to bake something. I did it last night after I got home from work. It was pretty quick and easy as I have all the ingredients at home and some 'assistance' from my girl. I shall post about it very stay tuned, ok. :)

What about you? Do you cook/bake or just buy food items for your kids' class party? Hopefully, I can get some ideas from experienced mommies out there :) Then, I do not have to crack my brain so hard the next time.


charming said...

I usually like to make something for kids' parties. I find mini size food are easier to eat for the young ones, eg. mini muffins, mini sausage rolls, sandwiches, jelly in small cups, fairy bread, mini cupcakes, fruit kebabs, cookies.

Daddy said...

Hi. You can try some mini muffins. We bought the ingredients from Chan Tung shop at Taman Megah Petaling Jaya over the weekend and whipped out 30 small muffins in 45 minutes! The ingredients are all prepacked. Just add in egg and oil, mix it up, pour them into little paper muffin cups and baked for 10 minutes. Viola! Little muffins ready to be served.

slavemom said...

I'm oso vy bad at this. Dunno wat to contribute. And I don't trust my baking n cooking skills. :) So there was once I contributed snacks (bot) and jelly.

Fussy mum said...

charming: hey, thanks for sharing with me your ideas. Hmmm..but I'm not very good in baking yet.

daddy: Actually that day i baked some muffins for her to bring to the party. Same like you... I also bought the ready packed muffin mix.

slavemom: Kids love snacks and jelly. My baking skill also very lousy leh...Maybe, the next time I should try to get these stuff...haha! Thanks..:)

little prince's mummy said...

Congrats!~ Graduated for pre-school ;) hehehe~

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