Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our Trip To Penang

Although the kids had a short school break last month, we managed to take them to Penang for a holiday. Even before the trip they were so thrilled about it as they always associate Penang with sandy beaches and lovely swimming pools. As for the adults, we always love the wide array of hawker food there. Yum, Yum!!

As usual, we traveled in 2 cars – altogether 10 of us including the kids and sister-in-law’s maid. It was raining cats and dogs on that morning. Sharlene was a little upset, as we didn’t allow her to be in the same car as her piao cheh. When 2 of them get together in a car, all hell will break loose...hahaha. So normally for long distance trips, we will just separate both of them to avoid us shouting and screaming at them. However, when we were roaming around Penang town, Sharlene sat with her beloved piao cheh in my sister-in-law’s car most of the time.

Before our main destination, we followed sil and family to Taiping and spent a night there. Didn’t do much in Taiping as we’d already been to Taiping Zoo and Taiping Lake Garden whereas my sil and family went to temple and cemetery to offer prayers to their ancestors in association with Qing Ming Festival (Chinese All Soul’s Day).

After breakfast the next morning we headed to Penang to meet up with hubby’s cousin and family. We stayed in the same hotel again this time for 2 nights. This time around we went to Penang Hill (my 1st visit) and Mini Genting (my 1st visit too). I've not heard about this place before. Didn’t really have a good view at this place as it was raining when we reached there. There's a seafood restaurant inside there, so we just settled at the restaurant for dinner on that day . The food was quite alright...but I didn’t really enjoy it, as Sharlene wasn’t feeling well during that time and she even vomited on the wooden platform of the restaurant. That’s the time (after we left Mini Genting) we brought her to a nearby clinic.

Here's some photos taken during our trip -

~ On our journey to Taiping ~
Sharlene with her pink sunnies. Check out her favorite pink bunny lying next to her. Luckily, that’s the only one she’d brought along. Btw, everyone looked 'so pinkish', eh?

~ Port Weld ~
Went on this boat to go across the fishing village. RM1 per pax for river crossing. Brother-in-law’s sister stays there.

~ While waiting to get into the car ~
Hi, everyone! This's my little pink bunny. She's adorable, isn't she?

~ At the beach ~
Searching for sea shells

Picking up sea shells

~ Daddy and his little angel ~
Sharlene proudly showing off her half bucket full of seashells

~Banana boat ride ~
Not exciting at all as compared to the jet ski

~ Penang Hill Railway ~
Cable train ride. I didn't know that this train will not take us straight to the top, we actually have to change trains halfway.

The train was crowded with passengers and we'd to stand all the way up (about 30 minutes ride)

~ A playground located at Penang Hill ~
Sharlene got so excited when she saw a slide there and she played on it non stop.

~ Yours truly cycling with her nephew ~
Check out Sharlene and her nanny at the side of the road. She was yelling out for me. Mummy, mummy wait for me, I want to go cycling too....huhuhu

~ The kiddos at the hotel lobby ~
Bye, bye, Penang....we're going home today.


MeRy said...

Nice holiday trip....Penang has alot of yummy foods. Sharlene looks cute in her pinky sunny.

Mummy Moon said...

Nice trip! I never go up to the penang hill :(

Kristie said...

what a nice trip! i love to do some domestic holidays too, save more money hor :)

HN said...

Hahaha, seemed like everyone was in pinkish mood lerr :P Glad that you enjoy your trip!

Wonderful Life said...

Oh, you're in Penang? so fast go back??

Haha... still got seashells on the beach ah?? I believe got bits of pieces of charcoals along the beach more than seashells lor...

Health Freak Mommy said...

What a fun-filled holiday. You look slim!

slavemom said...

I haven't been up to Pg Hill for vy long liao. The kids hv not been up there too. Dun even rmbr that we've to chg train halfway.
Mini Genting? Where's that? And wat do they hv there?

JO-N said...

You make me miss Penang. My little girl has been bugging me to bring her to Penang but every time we failed to make it.

It's not easy to take care of a sick child when travelling but anyway all of you did enjoy yourselves.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...nice family trip. Sharlene looks so cute in the sunnies. She loves pink too huh. I remembered now, yeah we need to switch train halfway to Penang hill and it was so packed the last time I went to Penang.

Fussy mum said...

Doreen: There were seashells lah, Sharlene picked quite many of them but of course, those were not very nice looking ones. Huh, u mean those black things on the beach are charcoals!?

Ginie: I dun know the exact location of this place. My sil's friend brought us there. Some said it's a mini version of Genting Highlands. The road to this place is very winding and steep...really high up. It's rather cold and breezy up there. Only 1 restaurant serving seafood (thai style). Can't tell much - we couldn't capture any nice view that day as it was raining.

Jaanvi said...

sharlene is looking so cute in her swimsuit and a tiny bucket in hand... you must have had a great time... :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I like Sharlene with the hairband. She look so "si man" (Cantonese).

Ivy, this is the first time I see you in photo. You looked great and pretty. Hopefully can see more of your pics.

mc said...

what a fun trip. sharlene is so lucky to have her biao jie to play with!

Irene said...

thats you cycling?!?! i thot which 16 year old cycling wei!!! hahahahahah! kekekeke...

fun trip yah! :)

Wonderful Life said...

Yes, charcoals!! From the your photos it looked like it. Got a lot of people loves to go there to have BBQ on the beach! Just built the fire on the beach sands...

Blessed mum said...

what a nice holiday! didn't know there so many things one can do there. Must arrange to go there one of these days..

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