Friday, October 03, 2008

We're Back Home

We reached home today after spending 7 wonderful days in my hometown. We enjoyed happy time with everyone there - it was truly a great holiday for us!

We had a smooth journey just now as there were not many cars on the road and the weather wasn't too hot as well. As usual, Sharlene fell asleep soon after her milk session and only woke up about 2 hours later...and hehe, I managed to take a short nap too. Since she has taken a nap in the car, I'm sure she will only sleep after midnight. So, instead of bringing her to the bedroom, I just let her spend time on her own while I'm busy writing this post. She's very energetic now, walking up and down the stairs, talking to me, playing with her toys, looking at her books and disturbing everyone whom she has not seen for a week. Most likely, I'll have a tough time putting her to bed tonight. I really wish to write more but got to go now....can't concentrate writing as she is here disturbing me again :(

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