Monday, October 06, 2008

Shopping Spree in J.B

We went shopping in JB last week and visited quite a few shopping malls there. My sis tagged along with us and all we did were shop and dine. While hubby and my sis took turns to watch over Sharlene, I quickly grabbed some outfits from Metrojaya for Sharlene as I have not been buying her new clothes for quite some time. I managed to get myself 2 T-shirts and a pair of slip-on high heels too. Whereas, hubby got himself some very nice working shirts and 2 pairs of cuff links.

On our way home after shopping one evening, we dropped by Tesco to buy a box of doughnuts. The Big Apple Donuts & Coffee has opened its first outlet in JB. Oh, I love and simply couldn’t resist Big Apple Donuts doughnuts because of the light, fluffy and not so oily texture. My sis and I went to the doughnuts counter and pick our favourites.

Here's the variety of doughnuts we chose -

Back home, we almost finished up the 1 dozen of doughnuts leaving only the durian flavor and some cut up pieces of other flavors for my dad, as we couldn’t wait for him to be back from work to gobble down the delightful doughnuts.

Sharlene loves the doughnuts too especially the one with chocolate topping. She couldn't keep her fingers off the topping and kept licking her fingers which were full of melted chocolates. Looking at the way she eats, I was so afraid that she would drop her doughnuts and stain her white blouse. I kept reminding her to be careful and thank god, she didn’t dirty her blouse at all.


Contentedmom said...

sharlene is simply so lovely and adorable! Look at that cheeky smile :)

Ling That's Me said...

look at those donuts!! yummy!!

little prince's mummy said...

Sharlene is so chubby and cute!

Oliveoylz said...

Such an adorable girl u have! My son loves those doughnuts covered with chocolate and peanuts.

andrewjune said...

Big Apple just opened here in penang as well...i lvoe the falvor "chocacholic"...yummy! if you're a chocolate lover, i highly recommend this!

allthingspurple said...

Hi Fussymum,thanks for visiting my blog earlier and for your kind comments. Your little one looks totally cute trying to swing her racket ! Gotta give her credit for her determination !

and doughnuts ! Yum !

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