Monday, October 13, 2008

Do You Check Your Kids’ School Bag?

Ever since Sharlene started pre-school early this year, checking her school bag every night has become my daily routine. At this moment, it is my responsibility to ensure that her books are properly and neatly placed inside the bag, her homework for the day is completed, her stationeries are intact, her color pencils are well sharpened, and most importantly, no foreign objects are put inside her bag.

At one time, Sharlene has a habit of putting her favorite items inside her school bag. I guess she's reluctant to part with her toys when she goes to school. And therefore she wants to bring them along too. These are the few items that she's fond of putting in – small little soft toys and other knick-knacks, coins, stickers, etc. However, she can never get to bring all those stuff to school, as I will remove it from her bag without her knowledge (soon after she has gone to bed). Fortunately these days her tendency of bringing her favorite things has ceased. This has definitely saves me the trouble of searching her bag again.

Another habit that I found out is that she brings home pencils and erasers that doesn’t belong to her. As I was checking her pencil case the other day, I discovered 2 pencils which were not familiar to me. Hence, it prompted me to ask her -

Me: Sharlene, where is your pencil? Can you tell me whose pencils are these?
Sharlene: My friend.
Me: Why did you take your friend's pencils? You cannot simply take and bring home your friend's pencils.
Sharlene: All my friends take my things and I have no more things.

That was the reason she gave for bringing home her friend's pencils. The attitude of - you take my things and I take yours... Obviously, her own pencil had ended up in her friend's pencil case. Anyhow, I expressly told her to return the pencils to her friend. The next day I was glad that she brought back only her own pencil. She also told me that she'd returned the pencils to her friend.

Hopefully, Sharlene will learn to treasure her belongings in future. By the way, have you encountered this problem before with your school going children?


Contentedmom said...

nicole does the same but the only consolation is that she brings them back...she is good at guarding her stuff :)

Fussy mum said...

contentedmom: It's good that Nicole can take care of her own things. No headache for you...hehe

YoU'll NeVeR WaLk AloNe said...

yup! my girl trades her stuffs with her friends and so before we set off to school, I have to check her bag.

- Ling

andrewjune said...

oopsss...sorry i dont hv the experience of a schooling child before...can't help you there...hehehe...

anyway, thks for dropping by our blog :-)

Jesslyn said...

hehe...I did chk once a while. Ever found other people stuff too, will ask my girl to return the next day.

Nowadays still exchange stationery with her friends. *shake head*

Wonderful Life said...

yes, i do came across with this last time when my sis went to kindy. Also, the previous girl which my mil babysits also facing this problem. Exchanging their stuff...and sometimes failed to exchange back her own things.

Oliveoylz said...

One day my son brought back a sticker which I saw stuck on one of his classmates bag. I recogmised it immediately, and made him return it. He was 4 then. I think they're too small to understand the implications of what they've done and that's where mummy's duty comes in :)

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