Friday, October 31, 2008

Ouch! My Bum Bum Is So Pain:(

Sharlene has been complaining about this the whole day. She has slight diarrhoea and each time she complaint of tummy ache, she passed out watery stools numerous times today. So frequent that her bum becomes sore and painful. She also accidentally poo pooed in her pant. She yelled and cried everytime she needs to poo poo today.:(

Sharlene had developed high fever of 39.5 degrees Celsius on Wednesday afternoon, after she came back from school. She was so unwell that she lied down on the sofa the whole afternoon and refused to eat anything. Luckily, she didn’t reject water which was given to her from time to time. Her fever came down after a Voltaren suppository was inserted. She took her nap shortly after that and was again in her bubbly self when I came home after work. I started to have a second thought of bringing her to the paediatrician, thinking she’s all right.

After I came out from my shower, I saw her lying on her bed and I knew instantly she wasn’t feeling well again. Her temperature shot up again. Hubby and I rushed her to the paed clinic immediately. After a thorough check the paed said she has 2 ulcers in her throat. Poor girl, her throat must be so painful at that time. We went home with a bottle of antibiotics (Augmentin), and a bottle of fever and pain relief syrup (Nurofen) for her.

Her fever subsided quite fast. However, she’s still taking her antibiotics today and I think it could be the antibiotics that caused the diarrhoea and her painful bum…haha! Hopefully, the diarrhoea will stop once the antibiotics is discontinued, which will be on Monday. She should be able to go back to school on Monday as well after being absent for 2 days.

Tonight I’m going to apply some petroleum jelly onto her painful areas and hopefully it could relieve the soreness.


Mummy Gwen said...

Oh poor Sharlene. Hope she recovers soon. Hopefully, her bum bum not pain anymore.

Something About Us said...

is she better now?

- Ling

Irene said...

Hope Sharlene is ok now, take care

Fussy mum said...

dear mummies, thanks for concern...Sharlene is so much better today and the mild diarrhoea she had yesterday has also stopped.

slavemom said...

Oh, poor girl. Hope she's fully recovered by now.

Adrine said...

Poor Sharlene. Good to see your latest comment that she's much better already.

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