Friday, October 17, 2008

Just The Two Of Us

I was in a jovial mood the whole of yesterday. I didn’t drive to work in the morning as hubby and I’d planned to go Mid Valley Megamall after work. My sil gave me a lift to the office instead. Hubby reached my office at around 5.30pm (exactly my knock off time) to pick me up and we arrived at Mid Valley before 6pm although it was raining cats and dogs at that time.

Our main purpose of going to Mid Valley is to get Sharlene a gift for her forthcoming 4th birthday. At first, we went to Jusco, looked around at the children department for about an hour. As we couldn't decide on what to buy there, we headed straight to Little Penang Kafe for dinner. After dinner we decided to go to Toy r Us to continue with our mission. We finally got something for Sharlene in Toy r Us. Before we went home, we dropped over at Carrefour and Bread Story to get Sharlene's favorite butter roll. The bakery was about to close for the day when I reached there and all the balance items were on 30% off. I quickly grabbed some buns and cheese tarts and went back to Toy r Us to collect the toys we purchased. We had earlier requested the staff to wrap the toys for us.

Yesterday’s 4 hrs of non-stop shopping was also a good way for us to spend time together...just the 2 of us!. I really miss our 'pak tor' (courting) days. Well, hubby and I hardly have a chance to go out together now. Most of the time, our outings will include my sil's family as they are just staying next door. How nice if only we could do this more often.


Something About Us said...

It's always nice to go on dating once again after married with kids, isnt it?

I also miss the "pak-tor" days...with kids now, very hard to go out.

- Ling

Leona said...

yeah...i like going out with my hubby alone sometimes. but end up we just talk about Ryan most of the time.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..u are so lucky lah can "pak tor" with yr hubby alone. My girl only wants me so everywhere I go must bring her along. :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ dating wor.. hahhaah

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