Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Weekend After We Returned From JB

We made a wise decision to leave my parents’ place and come back here last Friday. Therefore, we were not caught in the massive traffic jam encountered by most people who return during the weekend after the Hari Raya break. On top of that, we had 2 full days of rest before going back to work on Monday.

Hubby was at home last Saturday and he will be for the rest of the Saturdays. Effective 1st October, he only needs to work 5 days a week but of course with changes in his working hours. We have been hoping for this day to come and at last, his company declared this good news last month. Hubby is really happy about this adjustment and so am I :) Finally, he has more time for himself now and also gets to spend more time with us. At the same time, I can have some breathing space when he’s around to take care of Sharlene...hee hee.

Last Saturday, hubby and I brought Sharlene to the salon for a haircut. Actually, her hair wasn’t that long (as you can see from her previous photos here) except for her fringe that touches beyond her eyebrows. I just can’t tolerate her hair covering part of her face especially when she bends forward to write and read. This girl doesn’t like to have her hair tied up as well. She perspires a lot too and most of the time her hair is soak with stinking sweat especially during hot weather. Although I’d love to keep her hair long but due to all these reasons I’d have to put off this wish until she’s a bit older.

Here's Sharlene after her new haircut. Very boyish looking hor...does she looks like a boy now? Everyone in the house commented that she looks more mischievous and cheeky with this hairstyle.

On the same day we’d booked a badminton court and shortly after lunch hubby drove us there with sil and family. We only spent about 1 hour there but that’s enough for a good workout.

Sharlene in action - swinging her racquet in all directions and yay! after a few unsuccessful attempts, she finally managed to hit the shuttlecock back to me.

She's trying very hard to move her racquet to the direction of the shuttlecock with both her hands.

My nephew who is a school badminton player. He can play quite well but certainly needs more stamina to run around the court.

And my sweet looking niece flashing her smile here.


Contentedmom said...

sharlene is very cute in the new hair style...she is glowing!...her badminton skill reminds me of nicole's tennis skill..heehee..nicole was hitting the air 99% of the time when we were playing tennis back in australia!

LittleLamb said...

Thx for dropping by.
You keen to send your angel for badminton lessons?
I am under training with National Player- Yeoh Kay Bin. He is one of the most humble guy i ever met and its not harap for money..and got patience to teach an old lady like me...

However his court is in PJ though..

Fussy mum said...

littlelamb: Wah, your badminton skill must be very good then. We were just having fun on that day. Hmm...I think my gal is too young for lesson now...hehe, maybe later if she still has the interest. Btw, thanks for the info.

little prince's mummy said...

got award for u..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, not bad wor, can aim and hit the shuttlecock! Clever girl!

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