Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Annual Sports Day - 6 September 2008

Two Saturdays ago, Hubby and I attended Sharlene’s first sports day at one of the secondary schools field in Sri Damansara. A few weeks before the event, we received a notice from the kindy informing us that all participants have to reach the school field by 7.30am. We were so excited and eager to attend the sports day, as Sharlene will be taking part in one of the events.

On that morning I woke Sharlene up much earlier than her normal school days, got her ready in her sports wear and off we went to the school. I thought she would kick up a big fuss for waking up so early but to my surprise, she didn’t and was very cooperative with me :) Reached there on time and brought her to see Teacher Apple (her class teacher). In the course of waiting for the event to start, Sharlene stayed with the teachers and other children while hubby and I wandered around the school field with our camera.

Sharlene in her sports wear looking a bit worried and uneasy, as she couldn’t find daddy and mummy:( Instead of sitting down with her friends, she was looking everywhere for us.

We waited for about half an hour before Sharlene’s event (‘picking up eggs’). Here she's waiting for her turn to 'pick up eggs' and put it into a basket. She did quite well but unfortunately the photos showing her in action were rather blur :( my camera skill is lousy ler....definitely needs improvement.

Although her team didn't win the event, she did her best and was nevertheless very happy with a medal and a bag of goodies received at the end of the event. She even wore her medal in the car and refused to part with her bag of goodies. Guess what's inside the bag? I thought it was some unhealthy stuff but I was wrong... the contents are 2 sample packets of Enfagrow A+ formulated milk powder, 2 sample packets of dugro 1 plus milk powder, a can of green tea which Sharlene willingly gave it to her cousin brother, an egg tart and a hotdog bun. After opening the bag Sharlene was a tad disappointed over the contents and didn't even take a second look at it. But I was so glad that the school didn't give out any junkies to the kids.
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