Friday, September 05, 2008

The Two Girls

I’m glad Sharlene, being my only child has her cousin sister to spend time with. Although Jasmine stays in a different house, which is just next-door, she does practically everything in my house except for sleeping where she goes back to her own comfy home. Having 2 boisterous gals playing, screaming, fighting and crying under one roof, my house is really in chaos all the time. They can drive all of us bonkers with their thunderous voice and mischievous actions, especially Sharlene. But hubby seems able to tolerate their playfulness. That’s how patient he can be. Sometimes, their loud voices can even be heard upstairs when I’m having my shower in my bathroom. So, you can imagine the kind of commotion they cause.

Apart from making the house upside down, the 2 playful girls can even create a scene in the car. Both of them were singing, dancing and giggling away in hubby's car. We were in the car one night waiting for my sil, bil and nephew who were busy choosing a digital camera in the shopping complex. As the 2 gals were so engrossed in singing - from English songs to mandarin songs, and a Korean tune from the Korean drama Full House, they didn’t realized we were in the car waiting for more than half an hour. Poor hubby and I had a tough time waiting with 2 hyperactive kids in the car. Conversely, the gals are not allowed to behave the way you see them in the pix when we are traveling on the road.

Take a look here at some of the activities the gals love doing together –

READING - Both Sharlene and Jasmine have shown great interest in books since young. Sharlene can be naughty at times when she refused to lend her books to her piao cheh.

EATING and SHARING - In terms of food, the 2 girls have no problem in sharing with each other.

PLAYING - Sharlene and Jasmine having great fun together.


mc said...

hi there, first time visitor here:) i think it's wonderful for your daughter to have a cousin next door! I wish we had relatives close by for my daughter to play with..

Health Freak Mommy said...

How nice. Hopefully they will still be just as close when they grow up.

HN said...

Hahaha, I could imagine the scene where they sang all their heart out, must be so funny!!!

Wonderful Life said...

It's good to have companion to play lor. I myself also the only child until my sis was born when I was 12.

Only child life is real boring!

Irene said...

so nice to have a cousin sis just living next door! a gr8 playmate!

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