Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back To Normal Day

Today, I’m back to office and everything else will be as usual again. No more visitors in my house, no need to think of what and where to eat, no more going out in a big group, and most of all no more stuffing myself with food the whole day! I really felt so guilty for eating too much the past 3 days and I’m glad that today no more curries, roti canai, fried stuff, char kueh teow, rojak, cendol, pastries and other hawker food (hubby's relative from HK only like to eat hawker food). Taken too much of those stuff and that's why I’m only having cheese toast for lunch today.

Last night, after we had dinner with hubby’s relatives from HK and some of his other relatives here, we went over to Taman Desa to pick up Sharlene’s nanny. It was just a short drive from where we left and upon reaching there, Sharlene called out to her Aunty vociferously. As usual, Aunty YK walked to the car with her bags full of things. Sharlene was overjoyed to see her dearest aunty again. She shown her affection to Aunty YK once again by calling her name, kissing, hugging and asking hubby, “Daddy, please on the light I want to see Aunty’s face”. *Rolled-eyes*. Hubby just laughed but I felt a little jealous of my little girl’s obvious affection towards her nanny. This is always the usual scene in the car. But on the other hand, I count myself lucky to have someone like Aunty YK to take care of Sharlene wholeheartedly.

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little prince's mummy said...

not easy to find a good nanny!~

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