Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Discovery Of A Mistake

Most of the time Sharlene likes to disturb me when I’m having my dinner. Sigh! I cannot even have my dinner in peace. My food monster will come to the dining table, look at the dishes placed on the table and demand for food. If the dishes are not to her liking, she will then ask for a slice of bread. A few days ago while I was having my dinner, I was surprised she didn’t come near the dining table. I looked around and saw her at the living area. She was working on the maths workbook I bought for her sometime back. I continued to have my dinner and minutes later she came to me with her book. She shown me the page, counted the objects and told me that she couldn’t find number ‘9’ (the correct number she’s supposed to circle). She asked me several times ‘where is number 9’. I immediately told her there was a mistake in the book and she can write number ‘9’ at the corner of the book herself.

Here’s the page where Sharlene spotted the mistake. And on my advice, she wrote the correct number and circled it herself at the side.

Apart from doing school homework, which is mainly colouring and letter writing, Sharlene does maths exercise as well. Her maths exercise is on a piece of A4 paper prepared by me. I used colour pencils to make it more appealing. The maths exercise given by me (slightly more difficult i.e. numbers from 1-25) is fairly similar to the ones she is learning in pre-school now, which consists of – fill in the missing numbers, count and match the objects to the correct numbers, count and circle the correct numbers, draw according to the number given and a few more. She likes counting very much and so far, she is very eager to complete the worksheet given by me. I’m really a happy mummy when my little girl shows interest in learning.


HN said...

She's smart! ... and confidence on herself too! Bravo Sharlene!

Adrine said...

so clever!
hmm... nowadays workbook quality can be quite bad, huh?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Really clever and smart girl! Good job Sharlene!

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