Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dinner At Marco Polo Restaurant

Last Saturday, we had dinner with the newly wed couple, Mollie (my brother-in-law’s sister) and Michael (her British husband) at one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in K.L, Marco Polo Restaurant. At first we had wanted to either go to a chinese restaurant near our place or TGIF at 1Utama. Since we wanted to show Michael the night scene of KL city, we decided to go Marco Polo instead.

Arrived there slightly before 8pm as it was rainy and we waited for hubby to be back from office. He works half day on Saturdays but so happened he had a meeting which ended quite late on that day.

As there were 9 adults and 3 kids, we went in 2 cars. Sharlene had a good ½ hr sleep during the journey to the restaurant. The food was served almost immediately as my sil had cleverly called the restaurant captain and placed an order with him while she’s in the car. She is a frequent patron of the restaurant.

Despite having forty winks in the car, Sharlene was not in a mood at all and she behaved very cranky upon reaching the restaurant. She refused to sit on the highchair given to her by the waitress and demanded us to change her chair. Then, she took off her shoes and made a fuss of everything that comes her way. Luckily I brought along a packet of Japanese rice crackers and that managed to stop her from complaining. Phew!!

A moment before the food was served. The 3 kids - Sharlene and her 2 cousins.

The very familiar and well-known chinese cuisine - Peking Duck. The waiter used a sharp knife to slice the crispy duck skin. Then, he rolled the skin with chinese pancakes and served it with green onions and hoisin sauce. Sharlene shown no interest to the pancakes but loved the crispy duck skin very much.

OOoooooo...look at the yummy big prawn here. Each one of us was served with 1 big prawn. My girl had a great time savoring her gigantic prawn...the pics below will show how my food monster relishes her seafood.

The whole process of licking, sucking and munching finally came to an end. Looking at the ways she handles the prawn, I was glad that she didn't stain her dress. But I really had a tough time cleaning and washing her dirty hands and mouth....Eeeewww!!


Health Freak Mommy said...

Ooo, the duck looks so good! The food at Marco Polo is good!

Wonderful Life said...

Hmm... last time there's a Marco Polo Restaurant in Penang. Now, I don't think it still exist anymore... :(

sue said...

She's really a good eater! I wish both my kids were as easy :S

little prince's mummy said...

The way she eat it makes me feels the dishes must b very yummy~~~

Debbie Y said...

hmmm... i'm just craving for the Peking Duck le!!!

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