Monday, August 11, 2008

Missed Out On My Weekly Exercise Routine

I didn’t get to exercise the last weekend. Instead of going for my morning jog last Saturday, I’ve to get Sharlene ready for her replacement class, send her to the school and go to the wet market. I missed out again on Sunday because I’ve to be in the kitchen early in the morning.

Having to leave the house early in the morning and reach home close to 7 p.m., I simply can’t squeeze in any time to exercise on a working day. I know it’s important to exercise everyday but I’m just too lazy to do it early in the morning before I go to work or to jog in the evening. Once I step into the house, Sharlene will stick to me like glue. Moreover, that is the only time I could be with her, so I rather spend those precious moments with her on a weekday.

I still remember 6-7 years ago I used to attend yoga and aerobics classes 3 times a week. The classes were conducted a few blocks away from my workplace. So those days my colleague and I just walked over after office hours. I continued with my yoga classes even though I was pregnant with Sharlene and I stopped somewhere around the end of 2nd trimester. Two years after I delivered Sharlene I started yoga again. Unfortunately, the instructor had stopped teaching due to her work commitments a few months ago.

I really miss those workout days. I know I can’t exercise like I used to be but I’m glad that at least I can jog twice a week now. Hopefully, I can resume my jogging sessions with hubby and SIL very soon.

Find out what I’ve cooked last Sunday in my forthcoming post.

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karenyiau said...

Same here, I've been attending Yoga class after work but quit already now, just too busy to keep it up, everyday reach home about 7-7.30pm and will cook dinner, after makan & shower, leaft not much time to spend with the kids before they go to bed.......

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