Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So Obsessed

I have never seen hubby so obsessed in buying things before, particularly clothes. He hardly ever shops on his own. Those days (before our precious daughter came into our life), we used to shop together from the time the shopping complex opens till the time it closes. That’s how crazy we were especially during mega sales time. Now we hardly have the time to shop for clothes together. Whenever we go shopping we will either look for Sharlene’s stuff or mummy’s shoes and dresses. Poor hubby only tags along without any complaint.

Now back to hubby’s obsession…it all started when we were at Mid Valley Megamall last Saturday night. He saw a renoma long sleeve shirt at Metrojaya but for some reasons, he didn’t buy the shirt. He intends to go back there on Sunday morning. But again, it was too late to go to Mid Valley after our shopping for groceries at Tesco. While shopping in Tesco with Sharlene and her nanny, hubby went over to Metrojaya @ The Curve, trying to hunt for the same shirt. Unfortunately he couldn’t find it there. He must be soooooo disappointed again.

Nevertheless, he finally bought the shirts he’s crazy over on Monday night, after failing to get it for 2 days. Last night, he went to The Curve again and came back with 3 more Renoma long sleeve shirts. I was like...what! Shirts again!! I can’t imagine that he got himself a total of 5 new shirts at 2 different shopping complexes in 2 consecutive nights. With his new purchase, he packed away 2 bags of old shirts last night. At last, he got rid of his old shirts that he has been wearing for the past few years.

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