Friday, August 22, 2008

Food Again

My brother-in-law's youngest sister, Mollie had her wedding reception last Sunday. The night before, she held a small party for her relatives and friends. My sil suggested to have the party at our place. Here are some of the food we served on last Saturday night.

Guess how much we pay for this tray of singapore meehoon? ...RM80/=...I was astonished when I heard that. The price was exorbitant! For the price that we paid I expect to see big prawns or maybe sotong but there wasn't any. I could only see some small miserable looking prawns, beansprouts and garnishing. More like a tray of vegetarian meehoon. And the taste of it was too sweet for my liking. Anyhow, the guests loved it and almost walloped everything.

Next, we have 200 sticks of satay with sliced cucumbers and onions at the side. Oopps! failed to take pic of the satay gravy.

This's the sambal sotong (brown squid) to complement the main dish - 'nasi lemak'. There were rendang chicken and fried chicken as well.

Fruit rojak. Aunty YK's homemade rojak sauce was yummy. Our guests have the chance of mixing their own rojak - just throw in the fruits, add the sauce, mix everything together and top with chopped peanuts. Simply delicious!

Here we have some mini egg tarts, tuna tarts, coconut tarts, and mouth-watering nyonya kueh for dessert.


sue said...

The food looks yummy... specially now that I'm in confinement *bleh*..

Adrine said...

The satay and kuih looks good! :)

Wonderful Life said...

Waaa... looks apetizing leh. salivating liao!

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