Friday, August 01, 2008

She Is Down With Cough

Sharlene had dry cough a few nights ago. It was infrequent and I thought it could be due to her sleeping in an air-cond room. Hence I only gave her some water to moist her dry throat whenever I hear her coughing at night. Her nanny said she doesn’t cough during the day. I noticed that too when I was at home with her last weekend.

She has been taking medicines since Tuesday. As she hates to take medicines prescribed by her paed and instead of forcing her to take those meds, we gave her Chinese medicines (in powder form) purchased from Chinese medical shop. My niece takes this powdered meds each time she has cough and it’s very effective for her. Hopefully, it works for Sharlene too. She is willing and able to accept the bitter and pungent taste of the Chinese meds. I just wonder why?????

She attended pre-school as usual. Yesterday after came back from kindy, she told her nanny that she vomited in the classroom. She even said she vomited all over the place, on the table, on the chair and on the floor. Oh my! I bet the classroom smells horrible and I feel so sorry for the teacher who cleaned up the dirty mess.

Last night, her cough got worse. She coughed uncontrollably for almost 1 hr and could hardly sleep. I gave her some water and rubbed her chest, back, and nostril with vicks vaporub. After coughing and tossing on her bed, she finally slept around 10.30pm. When she woke up to pee around 3a.m., she coughed non-stop again. I applied another round of vicks vaporub on her, stroked her chest and patted her back repeatedly until she fell asleep again.

Looks like her cough is getting from bad to worse. I’m calling home now to find out her latest condition. I hope and pray that her condition improves otherwise we’d have to bring her to the paediatrician later.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Cough is the hardest to treat. Try giving her Manuka honey with a little lemon juice. Rubbing baby Vicks on the chest,back, neck and soles of feet also works for my girls.

Ryan's mami said...

Oh dear...poor girl!
I heard from my mom that the kids which my aunty babysits have been to admitted to hosp due to phlegm several times. They got sick every time they went back to kindy. The Kindy was fully air-conditioned.

Get well soon, Sharlene!

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