Monday, August 18, 2008

Skin Care Products For Sensitive And Problem Skin

Sebamed Baby Liquid Cleanser - a no tears formula with pH value of 5.5

Ellgy Hydro-Replenishing Hand & Body Lotion

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion - fragrance free moisturizer for chronic dry and sensitive skin.

These are the skin care products currently use by Sharlene. She has mild eczema since she was an infant. When she was just about 1 month old she had an eczema outbreak and both her cheeks were full of rough and red rashes. At that time, I was so upset and frustrated looking at her flare-up face. Nevertheless, her skin condition has improved tremendously over the years. Thanks to the various skin care products that are suitable for the prevention and treatment of sensitive, dry, problem and eczema skins.

Sharlene sweats a lot especially during hot weather and usually that’s the time she gets outbreaks on her neck, shoulder, body and hands. She will then scratch those rashes, sometimes until it bleeds. I've to wipe off her sweats, change her clothes whenever she's soak with sweats. Or else, she will start to have patches of red rashes all over her body again. On top of that I've to keep her skin moisturise too by applying moisturizing lotion on her entire body after her shower twice a day.

I really hope Sharlene's skin condition will get better as she grows older and she need not use those expensive skin care products continuously. However at this moment, I find that all these products are really good and helpful in keeping her eczema at bay.


Contentedmom said...

hihi....thanks for popping by my kids are fans of cetaphil too...Nicole has very senstive and dry skin..we slap heaps of cream on her every day sigh!....will come back again...cheerio

mommy of 3 angels said...

elli also has eczema and i am familiar with these products...for elli it is keep away from trigger foods and moisturise, moisturise moisterise!! hehehe she loves the massage we give her with the spa la!

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