Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Independence - Good Or Bad??

It is a positive sign when your child can feed himself, dress himself, use the potty or toilet, brush his teeth etc. Whilst I’m glad and happy that my soon to be 4-year old girl is independent (likes to do things on her own) I’m also constantly reminding her that there are certain tasks she’s not suppose to do on her own yet.

Despite explaining and telling her nicely that she cannot do it, she refuses to listen and insists that we allow her to do it. At times when I wanted her to do things herself e.g. eat on her own instead of being fed by her nanny, she ignores my instructions. Yes, you are right...she's a very stubborn girl. I often lose my temper and get angry because of her stubborn attitude.

At her age, Sharlene is inquisitive and eager to try out new things. She feels proud of her abilities to perform especially with little or no help from us. As her mother I'm totally aware of her emerging independence and will accommodate her requests as long as the same is within her capability.

I love to hear her say "mummy, I want to do this myself" but definitely not when she wants to make her own bottle of milk, mix her own cup of hot Milo or oats, walk on her own in a busy street without holding our hands and so on. Hopefully, she will understand very soon why mummy doesn't accede to her requests which could be dangerous or unsafe without mummy's supervision.

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sue said...

Yeah, it's a mommy thing. Too independent, we're scared. Not independent, we're scared also.. but then you're right, there are some things that young kids kenot do themselves yet, even though the THINK they can.

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