Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Love To Be Back Home

The thoughts of going back my hometown in JB really make me a happy person. This feeling of mine has never changed since the day I came to KL 8 yrs ago. I enjoy the warmth feeling of being at home, the wholesome homecooked food prepared by my aunty, the conversation with my dad, mum and sis, catching up with relatives and friends, and much much more.

Ever since Sharlene started schooling this year, I find it rather difficult to plan our trip to JB. I’m a bit reluctant to let her skip classes all the time. So I reckon the best time to go is during the school holidays. Well, we are not going back this time even though I had planned to do so a few months back. This school break is just too short to plan for anything. Hence, I thought the next available time would be the National Day holiday which falls on a Sunday....and we get an extra holiday the following day! Yippee! That’s the best time to go JB. But sadly, I’ve to postpone my trip again when hubby told me that his aunty and her 2 daughters from HK would be coming during that time..:( What a coincidence! We can't be going off when people are coming right..Sigh! just a tad disappointed.

Hopefully, I’d be able to visit my parents in October during the Hari Raya week. Sharlene has already received a notice that her kindy will be closed from 29 Sept till 3 Oct in conjunction with Hari Raya holidays. I’m keeping my fingers cross here so that nothing will crops up again in October.


sue said...

For an almost 4 year old, I think it's ok to skip once in a while. My hubs also don't like Ivan to skip classes but they're only 4 wor... discipline is important, but that can be infused in a year or 2, kids need to be kids sometimes :D

Contentedmom said...

commuting is no fun..i agree...but at least this is within malaysia..:)

Guardian Star said...

lao jie...sad, this is really u know i wun be able to take leave during raya!! OMG!!! sob sob

Health Freak Mommy said...

I love going back to my hometown too and going back is like a good holiday for me.

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