Monday, August 04, 2008

Sharlene Is Getting Better

Today Sharlene is finally getting better after days of coughing. It really breaks my heart to hear her coughing non-stop especially during the night. She has stopped taking the chinese meds and I'm giving her Rhinathiol which hubby bought from pharmacy last Friday. It is a cough syrup for symptomatic treatment of troublesome, non-productive cough, particularly occurring at night. This syrup comes with a measuring spoon too. She wasn't aware that I'm giving her meds as I mix 5ml of the syrup into her milo. She happily drank finish the whole cup of the milo without realising it has been tampered. Thanks to my friend who gave me this idea. So, for the last 2 days I'm at home I've been mixing her meds with milo 3 times a day. As I'm back to work today, her nanny gave meds to her by mixing it with her milk and she also finished the whole bottle as usual.

Last night she slept throughout the night without coughing. And today her cough doesn't sounds as bad as the last few days. I'm so glad that she's coughing lesser now and hopefully she can stop taking the meds soon.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Isnt there any taste of the meds when mixed with milo? I can never do that with my gals, they will surely discover the taste of the meds. I feed my gals their meds with Ribena and treat them with cakes or ice cream.

Fussy mum said...

Sharlene is very terrified of meds. That day was the first time I secretly put it into her milo. I put in lots of milo so I supposed that covered the taste of the meds....

I think your gals are easier to handle compared to mine.

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